Story of Thiruaranmula Snakeboat race

The Pandavas are already there in five places.. named Thrichittattu (Yudhishtira) Thrippuliyur  (Bhima) , Thiruvaranmula  (Arjuna)Thiruvanmundur (Nakula), Thrikkodithanam(Sahadeva), and when lord came.. all of them got up and given their place to lord is what people believe..

The day Lord Krishna reached Aranmula is 4th day of Thiruvonam..  All village came out to receive Krishna to their place.. They came in Snake boats.. Thus begin the Ulsavam of Uthrattathi Vallom kali…

Even now people celebrate irrespective of their religion.. Every one on their own Snake boat comes to Aranmula and do take part in the Jalolsavaghoshayathra.. and then return… to their respective places..

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Thiruonam.. Story of Thiruaranmula…

Hi friends.. As usual, the  week end came and went.. We all malayali family were preparing for the biggest harvest festival for the year.  Onam… The name itself bring us the nostaligic feelings.. which we losing out slowly but steadily to the today’s hightech culture.. Thanks to the internet.. Television…

People are slowling concentrating on the neuclear families..  Stop mixing up regularly.. All of us are now living in our own cocoons, not want to see the good old tradition of making life easy for everyone…

In this scenario, I wanted to share some of the most pleasant memories of the our tradition.. That is the snake boat race.  Every where else is Onam will be over by the 4th onam.. But in the village of Aranmula.. it will over only on the day of Uthrattathi…

There is a story behind that…  After the Mahabharata battle… everyone who participated in it.. in search of peace went in different directions.  Sri krishna the supreme consciousness.. came to Aranmula… That too he came in boat made of six bamboos.. which is the meaning of the Aranmula..

In between when he was thristy.. one old lady given him the tender coconut and lassy.. Where he had a stop over.. and then continued towards the place where today’s temple erected.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Tips to start a blog..

Hi friends… i hope everybody enjoys their weekend.. I want to share some information regarding how to create a blog..

Many friend wanted to know how to go about it.. Here is the tips…
1. Go the site
2) Go to create a blog…
3) This will take you to the register page.. where we need to fill up the information.. after we done this page…in the end of the page there is one button called “continue” Press it to continue the process..
4) Then chose a name for your blog…
5 Then you have to chose a template…
That is all… You have done…

I wish this information will help all my friends…

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Family concept.-New generation

Hey friends.. Here comes another week end… i happen to have read one report about a school boy revealed his ambition that he wanted to become a television.. The reason for that he told is whole family gather around it spend most of the time with that and take cares when it is not work.. Where as no one cares about him… Nobody have time to spend with him…He was sad about that..

This is what made me sit back and look into me.. I used to complain with my parents that they don’t want to talk to me.. After 7’0 clock in the evening…. mother is not available to talk.. She is very busy with her favorite devotional serials… Father will be immersed himself into the newspaper…

Then once i started complain about this.. That in the house no one talk to each other in the evening.. Everyone is busy in their own world.. I suggested that we should have dinner together and in the dinner time No TV…

That changed the situation a little bit.. Last March i disconnected the cable connection in the home.. Now i have lots and lots of time.. I can do my household work… Read favorite books.. and take care everything.. and most important thing is i can take care of my family more effectively….

Friends, i want you also think about that… Why do we want the cable TV connection … Is it not killing our time, our friendships…. and destroy our family…

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Kururamma with great enthusiasm… went to have a bath in the nearby pond, where the Chemmangattu amma and her servents were taking bath.. Seeing Kururamma.. they started made fun of her.. She was not affected by their comments.. But when she was taking bath,, water spilled over Chemmangattu amma.. and she started abuse Kururamma.. and told Vilwamangalam swamyar will never visit her. This hurt Kururamma.. and she went back with a gloomy face and lost herself not know what to do… Then Unni came to her and asked why she is sad.. Hearing the story from the Kururamm…Unni consoled her and assured her that defenitely swamiyar will visit her..

Then hurriedly she started preparations to welcome Swamiyar… Vilwamangalam swamiyar started go towards Chemmangattu illam.. then suddely his palanquin stopped and not moved further.. Then Swamiyar made up his mind and went to Kururillam…

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Kururamma once heard of Vilwamangalam swamiyar, and thought she could serve the swamiyar, which she took as a privilege. She sent Unni to ask swamiyar whether he can come and visit her so that she can serve him lunch and do pooja and prayer listen to the stories of her lord from him.

Swamiyar readily agreed that he can come the next day. Kururamma with great pleasure started preparation for his arrival. Then hearing this, one of her envious neighbour Chemmangattu amma who was rich, sent for him to have lunch in their house on that same day. She wanted to humiliate Kururamma, because whole village respected kururamma.

What happens is the next story…

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Vasthu for aquarium

As per the vasthu shasthra… we should keep every thing to flow +ive energy freely. Whenever there is a obstruction… The life become miserable. To allow the +ive energy in the home we should take care some simple things..

1) We should keep every thing in their place..
2) We should use North East as Prayer place…
3) We should keep Water away from the fire place..
4) We should adopt pet animals.. and take care of them.
5) We should keep our aquarium in the left corner of the house in the living area.
6) Throw away unusable materials, cloths etc.

This makes the house a heavenly place…

I personally feels and experienced this..

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Weekend plights

Hi Friends… Its a nice weekend as usual apart from that the neighbour’s little dog’s unusual barks and knocks in the door where it got tied by the owner in the chilly night. It was in the open balcony of the 3 story building… It was crying throughout night but in a vain… Whole colony people went and gathered outside their house.. from where we could hear the helpless poor dog’s cries and knocks in the door… Its already 10.30 in the night… and no one is there in that house…

We went to see if anyone inside the house to inform about the plight of the dog..
In the morning, we waited till the owner to come back and told him to take proper care for the pet..

Let’s hope that today at least he would care about the little one…

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മായികമാമീ അക്ഷരലോകതിന്‍
ചെരരുപയ്തലിന്‍ കാലിദറാതെയീ
ഉഷരഭൂവില്‍ കയ്പിടിചെന്നും നീ
നേരെ നയിചീടെന്നും മഹാപ്രഭോ

പാലാഴി പോലെന്റെ മുന്നിലെന്നും
ആര്തലചീദുമ് നിന്‍ കാരുണ്യ
പാരാവാരാമാവോളം നുകരുവാന്‍
മായാമേഘങ്ങളില്‍ ഒളിപ്പിച്ച
നിന്‍ വിശ്വരുപതെയാവോളം
നിറക്കണേ ജഗത്നിയന്താവേ
കനല് പോലെന്നില്‍ ജ്വലിക്കുമെന്‍
പപഭാരതിന്‍ ചൂദിലുരുകുമെന്
മനസ്സില്‍ ഭക്തി തന്‍ കുളിര് നിറക്കണേ
പവനപുരാധീശ്വര വാസുദേവാ…

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